Furry Furry Pink Furry Barefoot Smart Booties (21K035P000FURRYPEMBEKURK)

Price : $59.99(Vat included)

Tiny Feet Defying Winter

Suitable for natural foot structure, barefoot design that supports development, in the naturalness of walking barefoot!

Foot pad with OrthoFlex Technology for superior comfort.

Made of soft plush (polyester) face (outer surface) fabric.

Special, non-slip design vegan leather outsole.

Booties can be placed in the washing net and washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees

100% Natural Silicone Bands.

Warm fleece fabric (gray color)

Box contents: Hopfrög Booties, Eco-friendly recycled carrying pouch, protective washing net, Hopfrög sticker.

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Tiny Feet Defying Winter

FURRY FURRY series booties, specially designed for winter, keep little feet warm with soft plush feathers on the outside and fleece inner lining.

Hopfrög are designed for little feet with "Feel, Fit and Flex" features. Thanks to the "Feel" feature, the light weight allows little feet to move freely. The "Fit" feature supports the natural development of the feet, giving the toes the ability to function as they need with its wide toe structure. In addition, the "Flex" feature allows the feet to maintain a strong and balanced posture without restricting natural movements.
The 3F-barefoot Furry Furrys help little feet grow healthy and free.


The special 100% recycled OrthoFlex® insole technology provides superior comfort for tiny feet while maintaining moisture balance. Tiny feet in Furry Furries are light as feather and breathe like the wind.

It's Very Fun Jumping with FURRY FURRY

It's fun to walk, run and most importantly, jump with Furry Furrys, which have a specially designed non-slip vegan leather outsole.

Healthy, Flexible and Comfortable with 100% Natural Silicone
Furry Furry's ankle part does not leave marks on the foot. Healthy, comfortable, flexible and more durable than rubber. With this material, which is safe enough to be used even in feeding spoons, children can safely put their feet on the ground.

Our Booties are Very Easy to Put On
Like all Hopfrögs with a flexible structure, the Furry Furrys are easy to put on. Let your little one put on their booties by themselves and develop their fine motor skills. Enjoy watching your child put the booties on by themselves.

Hopfrög are Always There for the Little Ones
Waterproof, Multipurpose, Ziplock Travel Bag

Made entirely from recycled materials, the Hopfrög Kids travel bag is very, very handy in the garden, in the park and at the beach thanks to its watertight lock. Easily carry and store all the essentials for your little one with the attach and detachable sling bag.

A little note: When the time comes, put the environment first and sort the bag for recycling.

Washable Materials: The Best for Little Ones
There is no need to think about how to clean Furry Furry. You can safely wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees in the protective washing net that comes with the booties. 


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